About Glidex

Professional Window Cleaning

A Coming of Age

The world’s great metropolitan centres are symbolised by towers of glass reaching many levels into the sky. Even small and medium-sized cities and towns have high rise buildings, apartment blocks and sweeping glass facades in shopping malls and other retail precincts. All this glass needs to be cleaned–and on a regular basis.

This is the challenge facing the modern professional window cleaner. It is a very long way from the demands faced by their counterparts, some sixty or seventy years ago, when the first squeegee channel blades were introduced. Strangely, though the scope and scale of the job has become infinitely magnified, the tools to carry out the work and the materials they are made from haven’t changed very much in the intervening years.

Until now.

Glidex spent seven years intricately researching every aspect of professional window cleaning; how professional window cleaners work and how the tools they use perform. Every step of the way was taken in consultation with professional window cleaners, and their views and advice examined and acted upon. All prototypes were extensively trialled in the field before final designs went into production.

The result is a system of advanced professional window cleaning equipment that works better, is made from materials that fit the task better, is less tiring to use and is built to last. Glidex is not simply an incremental improvement on existing equipment, it is a total redesign to meet the high performance demands of today’s professionals.